We enable true collaboration to happen

Collaboration and team working are phrases that are sued a lot in business these days. But rarely do you see good examples in action.

From our research we know that:

  • 50% to 70% of joint ventures between businesses fail; and
  • most teams work together very poorly.

Reasons for Joint Ventures failing include:

  • cultural differences;
  • poor or unclear leadership; and
  • poor integration of processes.

Reasons for teams failing work together include

  • people working to their own agenda and not a common one;
  • people failing to listen to the views of others; and
  • poor leadership.

Fortunately there is an answer. All these issues can be overcome. Q29 is our approach to ensuring that joint ventures between organisations work and teams work as teams within organisations.

Q29 is the set of qualities that make for a successful collaboration and include:

  • the kind of agreements that need to be reached between parties;
  • guidelines for blending differing cultures and handling disagreements;
  • guidance on leadership;
  • good practice in terms of communications;
  • the skills that participants in a collaboration need to use and
  • the set of attitudes and approaches that need to be adopted.

Contact us and together we’ll help you build successful teams or joint ventures.